“A picture is worth a thousand words”

…and what happens when one has many thousand words to speak? What does one do when s/he feels s/he has so much to say that words could barely shelter the emotions? At least for Me, shutters and lenses could take over the job! Hello, Here I am Pinu Rahman.
Actually, I am a self-taught Amateur photographer based in Dhaka Grew up Pirojpur district under Barisal division, a small country town in BANGLADESH. I like to introduce myself as amateur because still now I am learning and Practicing Photography where my main focus is Lifestyle & Travel. I completed my graduate & postgraduate degrees in Botany from The University of Dhaka. I also took a MBA degree from University of Khulna. Most probably It all began a decade back when I picked up my camera ‘with a cause’ in the year 2012 and day by day slowly this interest in photography now became my passion.

Professionally as a senior principal officer, I am working in state owned Rupali Bank Ltd. My passion and profession never converged, but I have been been able to parallelly exit in both worlds. I could always absorb the distinction between petrichor and Starbucks, and knew where to draw the margin as to keep each special with their individual humane plea. Hence when the corporate sharpened my lenses, I already knew I had a purpose – it was to project beauty – hiding in the most trivial of urban passages and the rural mundanity – only until an artiste recognizes the unmistakable uniqueness in all of it. It was for Me to find the extraordinary in every ‘ordinary.’